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Federal Guidance
Risk Assessment and Federal Guidance Programs:  

Federal Guidance Policy Recommendations

Federal Guidance

Federal guidance policy recommendations form a set of guidelines developed by EPA for use by federal and state agencies responsible for protecting the public from the harmful effects of radiation. These summaries provide principles and policies for radiation protection.

Radiation Protection Guidance to Federal Agencies for Occupational Exposure, Environmental Protection Agency 52 FR 2822 January 27, 1987
This guidance provides general principles, and specifies the numerical primary guides for limiting worker exposure. It applies to all workers who are exposed to radiation in the course of their work, either as employees of institutions and companies subject to Federal regulation or as Federal employees.

Radiation Protection Guidance to Federal Agencies for Diagnostic X-rays, Environmental Protection Agency 43 FR 4377 February 1, 1978.
This guidance provides recommendations to reduce radiation exposure from the use of diagnostic x-rays. These recommendations, transmitted to the President jointly by EPA and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), were based on two guiding principles: avoidance of unnecessary prescription of x-rays, and use of good technique to minimize radiation exposure.

Underground Mining of Uranium Ore, Federal Radiation Council 34 FR 576 January 15, 1969 35 FR 245 December 18, 1970
This guidance sets forth recommendations for radiation protection activities as they apply to the underground mining of uranium ore. EPA subsequently reviewed these recommendations and concluded that no modification was necessary.

General Guidance for Protection of the Public

Radiation Protection Guidance for Federal Agencies, Federal Radiation Council 26 FR 9057 September 26, 1961
This guidance presents recommendations for population groups exposed to environmental sources of radiation. It provides Radiation Protection Guides; guidance on general principles of control applicable to all environmental radionuclides; and specific guidance in connection with exposure of population groups to radium-226, iodine-131, strontium-90, and strontium-89.

Radiation Protection Guidance for Federal Agencies, Federal Radiation Council 26 FR 4402 May 18, 1960
This guidance provides a general framework for radiation protection and general principles of radiation control based on the annual intake of radioactive materials. These recommendations provide the basis for the control and regulation of radiation exposure during normal peacetime operations. Numerical values for the Radiation Protection Guides, designed to limit the exposure of the whole body and certain organs, are provided.

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