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Low-Activity Radioactive Waste
Waste Management: 

Low-Activity Radioactive Waste

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Radioactive waste comes from industrial processes, medical and academic institutions, and government sources; the radioactive content varies widely. Federal and state regulations for its disposal are often based on the process that generated the wastes rather than its radioactive content and hazard.

EPA is exploring whether it is possible to expand the limited number of facilities for radioactive waste disposal by identifying additional disposal options for "low-activity" waste while protecting public health and the environment.

About the 'Low-Activity' Radioactive Waste
why EPA is exploring alternatives for disposal of 'low-activity' radioactive waste

What is 'Low-Activity' Radioactive Waste?
discussion of what constitutes low-activity radioactive waste and potential types of waste that may be included

Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
a discussion of the alternatives EPA is exploring

What's Next?
current and anticipated activities

Frequent Questions
clear answers to commonly asked questions about low-activity radioactive waste and EPA's proposal

documents related to EPA's proposal that have been submitted to the Agency


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