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Mixed Waste
Waste Management: 


Mixed-waste contains both radioactive and (chemically) hazardous waste. As a result, both treatment and regulation are complex. Two different regulatory frameworks and three federal agencies are involved.

EPA, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the Department of Energy (DOE) have largely resolved the administrative, regulatory, and technical issues that have faced government and private sector mixed-waste generators.

General Information

About Mixed-Waste
description of the mixed-waste issue, federal and state roles and statutory authorities, and EPA's approach to this difficult waste management issue

Frequent Questions
questions and answers about mixed-waste

Related Links
links to other agency's Web sites that contain information about mixed-waste

Technical Information

Preventing and Managing Mixed-Waste
guidance and other resources for minimizing the generation of mixed-waste and identifying, storing, treating, and disposing of mixed-waste

Laws, Regulations, and Guidance
access to legal requirements and guidance for managing mixed-waste


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