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Mixed Waste
Waste Management: 

40 CFR 266:  Storage, Treatment, Transportation, and Disposal of Mixed-Waste


40 CFR 266 provides increased flexibility to generators and facilities that manage low-level mixed-waste (LLMW) and technologically enhanced naturally occurring and/or accelerator-produced radioactive material (NARM) containing hazardous waste. It exempts LLMW from some RCRA storage and treatment regulations, and LLMW or eligible NARM from RCRA hazardous waste transportation and disposal regulations. These wastes are exempt from RCRA Subtitle C requirements, including permitting, provided they meet specific conditions. The exempt wastes must then be managed as radioactive waste in accordance with NRC or NRC Agreement State regulations.

The storage and treatment exemption applies to LLMW which is generated under a single NRC or NRC Agreement State license and which meets the specified conditions. The transportation and disposal conditional exemption applies to LLMW or eligible NARM which meets the specified conditions, including treatment to Land Disposal Restriction treatment standards. The exemption allows disposal at a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility, if the facility has a disposal license from NRC or an NRC Agreement State. (Note that DOE disposal facilities are not eligible to accept the exempt waste since they are not subject to NRC regulation.) Additional flexibility is provided for manifesting LLMW or eligible NARM.

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