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Mixed Waste
Waste Management: 

Laws, Regulations, and Guidance


The regulation of mixed-waste is complex. Multiple federal as well as state regulations apply.

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Shipping Regulations

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Choosing the Right Regulations: Federal vs. State

EPA RCRA Authorized States

In general, facilities that manage mixed-waste are subject to one of two sets of hazardous waste regulations:

You can learn more about the authorization process on EPA's RCRA State Authorization page. You can determine whether your state has EPA RCRA and mixed-waste authorization from EPA's State Authorization Tracking System (StATS).

Knowing whether your state has RCRA authorization and even RCRA mixed-waste authorization may not alert you to all requirements. You should also contact the following organizations:

If your state is authorized, then your state runs the program. If not, EPA has jurisdiction. Even when states have authorization, there may be aspects of the program that EPA retains authority over.
NRC Agreement States

Many states have signed agreements with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorizing them to regulate source, by-product and small quantities of special nuclear material within their boundaries. They have agreed to adopt programs that are at least as stringent as NRC's and may have additional requirements.

Most Agreement States have requirements that apply to most source, special nuclear, and byproduct material. (Exceptions are materials from nuclear utilities and fuel cycle facilities, which are regulated by NRC, and materials from DOE facilities, which are regulated by DOE Orders.)

You can determine whether your state is an NRC Agreement State and determine the scope of the program that has been relinquished by NRC to the state by contacting the radiation control program for your state Exit EPA Disclaimer.

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