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Naturally-Occurring Radiation: Overview

Naturally-occurring radioactive elements include primordial radionuclides that have been present in the rocks and minerals of the earth's crust since it was formed. Cosmogenic radionuclides, produced by interactions of atoms in the atmosphere with cosmic rays, are a second source of naturally-occurring radioactive materials. Examples of naturally-occurring radionuclides are uranium, radon gas, and carbon-14.

This site describes the sources, radiation content, generation, and management of Technologically-Enhanced Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials.

Radon in Air
These pages contain information about the sources of and potential for exposure to this colorless, cancer-causing gas and how to protect yourself from it.

Radionuclides in Drinking Water
Here you will find information on the occurrence of radionuclides in drinking water sources and provides standards and guidance materials to help the states and water systems comply with them.

SunWise is an environmental and health education program that aims to teach the public how to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun through the use of classroom-, school-, and community-based components.


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