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Air and Water:  

Subpart I: Certain Federal Facilities


Subpart I protects the public and the environment from radionuclide emissions emitted by federal facilities that are not regulated elsewhere. Federal facilities emissions to which Subpart I does not apply include the following:

Subpart I limits radionuclide emissions to the ambient air based on two criteria:

  1. the annual effective dose equivalent (ede) to any individual must not exceed 10 millirem (mrem)
  2. the annual ede from radioiodine must not exceed 3 mrem 

Owners or operators of these facilities must use the COMPLY computer model to calculate ede or obtain approval from EPA to use other models. They are required to submit annual reports to EPA on emissions and obtain EPA's approval  for some types of construction. 

In addition, there are general requirements that all facilities subject to any NESHAP must meet, 40CFR61, Subpart A: General Provisions Exit EPA Disclaimer.


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