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Radiation Emergencies
Emergency Response:

Emergency Preparedness and Response

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EPA prepares for and responds to emergencies involving radioactive materials. In the event of a radiological emergency, EPA's Radiological Emergency Response Team (RERT) works with other federal agencies, state and local governments, and international organizations to monitor, contain, and clean up the release while protecting people and the environment from harmful exposure to radiation. (For more information, read About Emergency Preparedness and Response.)

General Information

About Emergency Preparedness and Response
basic information about radiological emergencies, preparations, and response

Frequent Questions
questions and answers about EPA's Radiological Emergency Response Program

How the System Works

How We Prepare
This page describes EPA's planning activities, exercises, and coordination with other organizations with radiation protection responsibilities, such as the Department of Homeland Security.

How We Respond
This page describes the special skills of EPA's Radiological Emergency Response Team, their experience, and the legal framework that defines their responsibilities.

What You Can Do
On this page, you can find basic information on radiation emergencies: types of emergencies that occur, who responds, and terms used in emergency response.

Monitoring Radiological Incidents
This page describes EPA's monitoring of the environment during and following incidents that involve radioactive materials.

RadNet Monitoring Data
This page shows both gross beta and gross gamma data from RadNet fixed air monitors.


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