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Radioactive Source Reduction and Management

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Other organizations, including other federal agencies and international organizations are working to reduce and ensure proper management of sealed radioactive sources. These Web sites contain information about their efforts.

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Department of Energy

Off-Site Source Recovery Program

Off-Site Source Recovery Program
DOE's project recovers and manages unwanted radioactive sealed sources and other radioactive material. The project recovers materials that present a risk to public health and safety. It recovers radioactive materials that present a potential loss of control by NRC or agreement states. In addition it collects excess and unwanted radioactive materials or sources that DOE owns or has responsibility for under Public Law 99-240.

The project combines three activities:

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Orphan Source Initiative

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is moving to address the problem of unwanted and uncontrolled radioactive materials, often referred to as "orphan sources." The Commission has signed a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. Department of Energy on the management of certain of the materials. It also has approved the concept of funding the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors to establish and implement a national program for safely dealing with the materials.

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Other Federal

USGS Minerals Information: Iron and Steel Scrap
Steel scrap recycling conserves raw materials, energy, and landfill space. ... Flow Studies for Recycling Metal Commodities in the United States ...

State and Local Governments

How to Recycle/Dispose of Scrap metal - Division of Solid Waste
Directions for recycling or disposing of a variety of materials in Montgomery County, MD.

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International Atomic Energy Agency

Lost and Found: Orphan Radiation Sources Raise Global Concerns (PDF) (4 pp, 56K About PDF(IAEA Bulletin: Radiation Safety and Security Volume 41, No. 3) Exit EPA Disclaimer
This edition of the IAEA Bulletin looks closely at the problems and issues the international community is facing relating to the control of commercial radiation sources and radioactive material. The Bulletin highlights the steps member States are taking to reinforce the safety and security of radioactive materials.


Steel Recycling Institute Exit EPA Disclaimer
The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) is an industry association that promotes and sustains the recycling of all steel products. The SRI educates the solid waste industry, government, business and ultimately the consumer about the benefits of steel's infinite recycling cycle.

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