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Radiation Information for Students and Teachers


EPA has developed a website where you can explore sources of radiation in a typical town. At each location you visit you will learn about the types of radiation sources there, the important roles that federal, state and local governments play in protecting you from those sources and actions you can take to protect yourself.

General Information

RadTown USA
Explore this virtual community to find where radiation sources are used in the real world--games, activities, and quizzes included.

People and Discoveries
Read about scientists who were pioneers in the study of radiation.

History of Radiation Protection
Follow the progress of our understanding of radioactive substances and the nature of radiation.

Who does what in the field of radiation protection.

Frequent Questions
These questions and answers contain a wealth of information

Explore other sources of information about radiation.

Publications for Students and Teachers
This page contains links to publications and other items that may be downloaded or ordered.

Technical Information

Understanding Radiation
Learn about why some atoms give off radiation, the different kinds of radiation, health effects, and how to protect yourself.

Commonly Encountered Radionuclides
These fact sheets give you basic information on the radioactive materials most commonly used.

Learn to recognize these warning signs

Calculate Your Dose
Radiation is common in our environment; how big is your dose?

Tools for Teachers in the Classroom

Teacher GuideTeacher Resource Guide: Detecting Radiation in our Radioactive World (2014) Exit EPA Disclaimer
The teacher resource guide, Detecting Radiation in Our Radioactive World was inspired by our national teacher workshop by the same name. The guide includes units on: Modeling Atoms, Making Atoms Visible, Personal Dose, Irradiation and Benefits, Half-Life, Measuring and Units (using a Geiger counter), Fission, Decay Chains, Radiation Types, Waste, and Energy Production. Sponsored by the ANS Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information.

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