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Naturally-Occurring Radiation: 

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Bureau of Land Management's Abandoned Mine Cleanup Program
This site provides the following information:

Over the last 150 years, much of the land managed by the BLM in the West has experienced some form of mining activity, ranging from exploration to full development. In some cases, these activities were not properly abandoned, leaving safety and environmental concerns that BLM must deal with today.

The American Petroleum Institute Exit EPA Disclaimer
Trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry.


EPA Regional Offices
Many states in the U.S. currently have, or are developing, regulations to protect people from TENORM radiation.

Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Exit EPA Disclaimer
CRCPD’s Commission on NORM, has developed a model regulation for TENORM. You can learn more about Part N of the Suggested State Regulation on Control of Radiation from Commission on NORM page of CRCPD's web site.(Although EPA does not concur with using this particular model regulation, we continue to consult with CRCPD about developing such a model.) CRCPD is the organization through which state radiation protection programs coordinate their efforts.

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