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WIPP Oversight
Waste Management: 

1998 WIPP Compliance Certification Decision


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WIPP regulatory documents are legal documents that explain and support EPA's decision to certify that the Department of Energy has met EPA's criteria for opening the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. All documents related to EPA's compliance decision are available through the Agency's WIPP Docket. Electronic versions of documents comprising the following categories are available below in pdf format unless otherwise noted:

Final Certification Decision

CARD Title File Size
14 Content of Compliance Certification Application (PDF) 86 pp, 717K)
22 Quality Assurance (PDF) 32 pp, 294K)
23 Models and Computer Code (PDF) 93 pp, 1.34K)
24 Waste Characterization (PDF) 102 pp, 812K)
25 Future State Assumptions (PDF) (14 pp, 98.8K)
26 Expert Judgment (PDF) (9 pp, 90.7K)
27 Peer Review (PDF) (11 pp, 104K)
31 Application of Release Limits (PDF) (20 pp, 320K)
32 Scope of Performance Assessments (PDF) (46 pp, 374K)
33 Consideration of Drilling Events in Performance Assessments (PDF) (31 pp, 277K)
34 Results of Performance Assessments (PDF) (29 pp, 286K)
41 Active Institutional Controls (PDF) (6 pp, 6.40K)
42 Monitoring (PDF) (24 pp, 625K)
43 Passive Institutional Controls (PDF) (47 pp, 390K)
44 Engineered Barriers (PDF) (36 pp, 346K)
45 Consideration of the Presence of Resources (PDF) (4 pp, 45.1K)
46 Removal of Waste (PDF) (4 pp, 48.3K)
51/52 Consideration of Protected Individual/Exposure Pathways (PDF) (11 pp, 116K)
53 Consideration of Underground Sources of Drinking Water (PDF) (11 pp, 116K)
54 Scope of Compliance Assessments (PDF) (17 pp, 187K)
55 Results of Compliance Assessments (PDF) (25 pp, 317K)

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Public Hearing Transcripts

Official transcripts from EPA's public hearings on Proposed Alternative Provisions to 40 CFR Part 194

Hearing Date Location File Size
09/24/02 Albuquerque (PDF) (37 pp, 125K)
09/25/02 Santa Fe (PDF) (43 pp, 193K)

Official transcripts from EPA's public hearings on the Certification Decision

Hearing Date Location File Size
01/05/98 Carlsbad (PDF) (72 pp, 290K)
01/07/98 Carlsbad (PDF) (81 pp, 118K)
01/07/98 Albuquerque (PDF) (540 pp, 1.40MB)
01/08/98 Albuquerque (PDF) (332 pp, 213MB)
01/08/98 Santa Fe (PDF) (286 pp, 832K)
01/09/98 Santa Fe (PDF) (612 pp, 1.49MB)

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Certification Decision:Proposed Rule and Related Documents

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Certification Decision:Compliance Criteria

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Remote-Handled Transuranic (RH-TRU) Waste Documents

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