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WIPP Oversight
Waste Management: 

DOE's 2004 Compliance Recertification Application


EPA received the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) official Compliance Recertification Application on March 26, 2004. A 30-day comment period opened on May 24, 2004 and was extended to December 5, 2005, a total of 560 days.

DOE's application and supporting documents are available on below in pdf format:

Compliance Recertification Application

In the recertification application documents which follow the color of the text indicates whether it is different from that of the original certification:

Chapter Title File Size
  Executive Summary (PDF) 3 pp, 80K
  Table of Contents (PDF) 24 pp, 86K
  Acronyms (PDF) 10 pp, 183K
1 Introduction (PDF) 31 pp, 499K
2 Site Characterization (PDF) 220 pp, 12906K
3 Facility Description (PDF) 45 pp, 2042K
4 Waste Description (PDF) 69 pp, 2093K
5 Quality Assurance (PDF) 36 pp, 383K
6 Containment Requirements (PDF) 218 pp, 11371K
7 Assurance Requirements (PDF) 101 pp, 250K
8 Individual and Groundwater Protection Requirements (PDF) 26 pp, 533K
9 Peer Reviews, 2004 (PDF) 168 pp,1292K
  Index (PDF) 20 pp, 317K
  Glossary of Terms (PDF) 54 pp, 428 K

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Recertification Application Completeness Determination

EPA made its determination that DOE's Compliance Recertification Application for WIPP was complete on September 29, 2005. The completeness determination was an administrative step required under the WIPP Compliance Criteria. It indicated that DOE had provided information relevant to each applicable provision of the WIPP Compliance Criteria and in sufficient detail for EPA to proceed with a full technical review of the CRA.

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Completeness Determination-Related Correspondence

All EPA & DOE correspondence related to the determination of completeness and the CRA are provided below. Paper copies of these document and additional enclosures (generally references) are available by contacting Ray Lee at lee.raymond@epa.gov.

EPA Letter # Subject File Size
1 CRA Comments (5/20/04) (PDF) 3 pp, 178K
  Attachment -- List of Issues by CRA Section (5/20/04) (PDF) 14 pp, 122K
2 CRA Comments (7/12/04) (PDF) 5 pp, 269K
3 CRA Comments (9/2/04) (PDF) 14 pp, 1913K
4 CRA Comments (12/17/04) (PDF) 3 pp, 520 K
5 CRA Comments (2/9/05) (PDF) 2 pp, 311 K
6 CRA Comments; Performance Assessment (3/4/05) (PDF) 6 pp, 732 K
DOE Letter# Subject File Size
1 Response to CRA Comments (7/15/04) (PDF) 25 pp, 659K
2 Response to CRA Comments (8/16/04) (PDF) 6 pp, 4897K
  Enclosure (8/16/04) (PDF) 46 pp, 771K
3 Response to CRA Comments (9/7/04) (PDF) 9 pp, 1237K
4 Response to CRA Comments (9/29/04) (PDF) 20 pp, 5329K
5 Response to CRA Comments/MgO Emplacement Plan (10/20/04) (PDF) 1 pg, 99K
  DOE Enclosure (10/20/04) (PDF) 6 pp, 909K
6 Response to CRA Comments (11/1/04) (PDF) 21 pp, 5097K
7 Response to CRA Comments (12/23/04) (PDF) 3 pp, 831K
  Enclosure (12/23/04) (PDF) 50 pp, 576K
8 Response to CRA Comments (1/19/05) (PDF) 3 pp, 411K
  Enclosure (1/19/05) (PDF) 19 pp, 158K
9 Response to CRA Comments (3/21/05) (PDF) 2 pp, 81K
  Enclosure #1 -- K-Basin Sludges (3/21/05) (PDF) 26 pp, 466K
  Enclosure #2 -- Hanford Tank Waste (3/21/05) (PDF) 21 pp, 531K
10 Response to CRA Comments (5/11/05) (PDF) 3 pp, 379K
  Enclosure #1 -- Hanford Tank Waste (5/11/05) (PDF) 4 pp, 33K
  Enclosure #2 -- K-Basin Knock-Out Pot Sludge (5/11/05) (PDF) 4 pp, 45 K
  Enclosure #3 -- High-level Liquid Waste (5/11/05) (PDF) 2 pp, 25K
11 Response to CRA Comments (9/20/05) (PDF) 1 pg, 176K
  Enclosure #1 -- Computer Code Verification/Testing (9/20/05) (PDF) 3 pp, 337K

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Inventory and Performance Assessment Reports

DOE also submitted revised, summary information related to WIPP's inventory and the performance assessment. These documents were reviewed in the technical evaluation:

Supplementary information on the these reports is also available. To request any of these files (hard copy or electronic), please send an e-mail to Ray Lee (lee.raymond@epa.gov).

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Supplemental Hydrologic Studies of WIPP Site

For over 25 years, DOE scientists have studied groundwater flow and conditions at the WIPP site to determine potential pathways for radioactive releases. DOE’s certification application identified two geologic units that are potential groundwater pathways for radioactive releases to the environment: The Culebra Dolomite unit in the Rustler Formation and The Salado Anhydrite units within the salt bed.

In addition, EPA identified the need for DOE to increase understanding of the hydrologic characteristics of the subsurface soils above the repository, such as the Magenta. Also of concern was the issue of karst. DOE provided EPA with two documents on this issue:

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Stakeholder Meetings: Summaries and Minutes

These summaries are from public meetings that were held in Albuquerque, NM, during June of 2005. They include all topics raised by stakeholders attending the meetings.

EPA June 2005 Stakeholders Meeting Summaries (PDF) (7 pp, 80K)

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