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DOE's 2014 Compliance Recertification Application


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EPA received the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) official Compliance Recertification Application on March 26, 2014. The official comment period on the application opened on October 10, 2014, and will remain open until the Agency specifies the end of the comment period with a future Federal Register notice announcing its completeness determination.

DOE's application and supporting documents are available on below in PDF format:

You may also view DOE's complete application on their website listed below, including references and appendices:

In addition, documents related to the 2014 WIPP Recertification (including accessing & submitting public comments) can be viewed at EPA's official electronic docket at regulations.gov, which is listed below:

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Compliance Recertification Application 2014

Section Title
  Executive Summary (PDF) (13 pp, 115K)
  Structure of the CRA-2014 (PDF) (11 pp, 289K)
8 Approval Process for Waste (PDF) (24 pp, 103K)
15 Content of Compliance (PDF) (33 pp, 1.11Mb)
21 Inspections (PDF) (18 pp, 75K)
22 Quality Assurance (PDF) (20 pp, 77K)
23 Models and Computer Codes (PDF) (53 pp, 236K)
24 Waste Characterization (PDF) (67 pp, 294K)
25 Future State Assumptions (PDF) (18 pp, 75K)
26 Expert Judgment (PDF) (12 pp, 50K)
27 Peer Review (PDF) (17 pp, 62K)
31 Application of Release Limits (PDF) (15 pp, 68K)
32 Scope of Performance Assessments (PDF) (32 pp, 129K)
33 Consideration of Drilling Events in Performance Assessments (PDF) (32 pp, 154K)
34 Results of Performance Assessments (PDF)(29 pp, 369K)
41 Active Institutional Controls (PDF) (10 pp, 49K)
42 Monitoring (PDF) (14 pp, 59K)
43 Passive Institutional Controls (PDF) (12 pp, 54K)
44 Engineered Barriers (PDF) (22 pp, 196K)
45 Consideration of the Presence of Resources (PDF) (12 pp, 52K)
46 Removal of Waste (PDF) (10 pp, 40K)
51-52 Consideration of Protected Individual and Exposure Pathways (PDF) (13 pp, 60K)
53 Consideration of Underground Sources of Drinking Water (PDF) (12 pp, 49K)
54 Scope of Compliance Assessments (PDF) (12 pp, 49K)
55 Results of Compliance Assessments (PDF) (15 pp, 63K)

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Completeness Determination-Related Correspondence

All EPA & DOE correspondence related to the determination of completeness and the CRA will be provided below as it becomes available. This section will be updated whenever additional requests for information (and DOE responses) are sent/received. Please check back in the near future for updates to this section.

EPA Letter # Subject
1 CRA-2014 Initiation of Completeness Review (PDF) (2 pp, 372K)
2 CRA Comments (12/17/14) (12 pp, 3,340K)
3 CRA Comments (2/27/15) (13 pp, 483K)
4 CRA Comments (6/5/15) (10 pp, 307K)
5 CRA Comments (7/30/15) (8 pp, 345K)

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DOE to EPA Predetermination Correspondence
DOE Letter # Subject File Size
1 Response to CRA Comments (1/28/15) (PDF) 1 p, 204K
  7 pp, 175K
  • Enclosure 2: References
Avail on request
  3 pp, 1,866K
  1 p, 209K
2 Response to CRA Comments (3/18/15) (PDF) 1 p, 213K
  22 p, 487K
  • Enclosure 2: References
Avail on request
  12 p, 146K
3 Response to CRA Comments (4/8/15) (PDF) 1 p, 233K
  38 p, 691K
  • Enclosure 2: References
Avail on request
  19 p, 126K
  1 p, 80K
4 Response to CRA Comments (5/29/15) (PDF) 2 p, 239K
  54 p, 2,125K
  • Enclosure 2: References
Avail on request
  20 p, 127K
  6 p, 86K
5 Response to CRA Comments (7/15/15) (PDF) 2 p, 228K
  30 p, 529K
  • Enclosure 2: References
Avail on request
  27 p, 184K
  10 p, 110K

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