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Yucca Mountain Standards

A docket is a publicly available collection of documents that federal agencies use in making a particular regulatory decision. Dockets typically include technical documents, letters, minutes of meetings, comments submitted during the comment period, and other materials.

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What dockets does EPA maintain on Yucca Mountain?

  1. The official docket for the final amendments to the Yucca Mountain standards is EPA-HQ-OAR-2005-0083.
  2. The official docket for the 2001 Yucca Mountain standards is OAR-2001-0007 (formerly called A-95-12).

Both are located in Washington, DC. There are also informational files at two locations in Nevada.

Where are the Yucca Mountain docket and information files located?

Official EPA Docket
Location Hours of Operation Contact
Air and Radiation Docket and Information Center
Room 3334, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1301 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460-0001
Monday - Friday:
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Phone: 202.566.1742
FAX: 202.566.9744 Electronic Docket for Final Standards (www.regulations.gov)
Informational Files
University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Lied Library
Government Publications
4505 South Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154
Hours vary. Please call ahead or consult Lied Library's web page. Exit EPA Disclaimer Phone: 702.895.2200
Amargosa Valley Community Library
829 East Farm Road
Amargosa Valley, NV 89020
Hours vary. Please call ahead or consult Amargosa Valley Community Library Exit EPA Disclaimer Phone: 775.372.5340

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How can I view the documents in the Yucca Mountain docket and informational files?

There are several options for reviewing materials or obtaining copies from the docket or informational files:

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