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Yucca Mountain Standards

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In the development of the planned Yucca Mountain repository, EPA’s single role is to set human health and environmental radiation protection standards. The repository will not be allowed to open unless it meets EPA’s requirements.

EPA has developed amendments to the final standards for the planned Yucca Mountain high-level waste disposal facility that are fully protective of human health. In developing these amendments, EPA considered substantive public comments received during the public comment period. The amendments to the final standards were signed by the Administrator on September 30, 2008.

The following documents contain the final standards and related information:

Yucca Mountain Standards

Laws & Regulations
Contains legal requirements that define EPA's role and the standards; regulatory documents.

Yucca Mountain Standards Dockets
Provides location and hours of the docket which stores documents, comments, correspondence, etc.

Further Information

About Yucca Mountain Standards
Gives information about EPA's standards setting activities for the Department of Energy's proposed high-level radioactive waste repository.

Frequent Questions
Provides answers to questions commonly asked about EPA's development of Yucca Mountain radiation protection standards.

Roles of Federal Agencies
Describes the responsibilities of each federal agency involved in the development of the proposed Yucca Mountain high-level waste repository.

Lists brochures, reporters' guide, and other documents related to Yucca Mountain standards.

Related Links
Provides links to information about Yucca Mountain on other Web sites.


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