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Other Monitoring Networks

Federal Networks

  • NEWNET Station Locations
    The NEWNET System provides public access to radiological and meteorological data. Click on the station number to access a plot of gamma radiation, temperature, and barometric pressure for the month or for a listing of the raw data
  • SURFRAD Network
    The SURFRAD Network monitors surface radiation in the continental United States.
  • Solar Radiation
    This site lists networks currently collecting solar radiation data at the earth's surface.

State Networks

International Networks

Understand Radiation

  • Understanding Radiation
    This site offers basic radiation science information, from "What is an atom?" to health effects.
  • Facts about Radiation
    This information is a quick-reference guide for reports, containing basic radiation and emergency response definitions and terms.
  • NRC Radiation Glossary
    This is an excellent glossary of nuclear terms provided by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

View RadNet Data

Envirofacts Database of RadNet Laboratory Results

Envirofacts' RadNet Database contains laboratory analysis results from air monitor filters and samples of precipitation, drinking water, and milk. The RadNet Database includes both the current and historical data needed to estimate long-term trends in environmental radiation levels.

EPA's RadNet Database of Near-Real-Time Monitoring Data

The RadNet Database in EPA's Central Data Exchange contains the near-real-time environmental radiation data from fixed and deployable monitors. Login is not required.

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