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National Radon Action Month

Event Planning Kit

Flyer and Presentations

National Radon Action Month Flyer: Email or print hard copies of this Flyer to inspire your colleagues, partners, and other advocates in your community to plan activities and events for National Radon Action Month. With this flyer, you can show others how easy it can be to help save a life.

PowerPoint Presentations: These customizable PowerPoint presentations are available in three design options. The presentations are intended to help you raise awareness in your community about the risks from radon exposure, how to test for radon, and how to get a home with high levels fixed. The presentations are also intended to generate interest and commitment on the part of others to help you spread the word about radon and ultimately save lives.

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Event Planning Kit

The National Radon Action Month Event Planning Kit is full of useful information, practical tools, and customizable templates to help you plan and implement radon outreach activities. You can also order the entire kit.

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Radon Graphics

Download updated and new National Radon Action Month graphics to use for your print materials or website. To download an image, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..."

Seasonal and Customized National Radon Action Month Graphics National Radon Action Month graphics and templates have been revised to incorporate Fall and Winter seasonal images that may resonate with your community. Right-click on the "Fall/Winter Images" links below to download these updated graphics.

Don't see any images that speak to your community? Customized graphics can also be ordered (as resources allow). If you would like to mix-and-match several images that you see here into one graphic template, or have your own images that you would like to incorporate into one of our graphic templates, contact radonevents@cadmusgroup.com. A member of the radon team will contact you to discuss your specific needs. Please note: partners who would like to provide their own photos/images to incorporate into graphics must own the usage rights for these photos.

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Winter Images - High Res (JPG, 389 K)

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Fall Images - High-Res (JPG, 362 K)

Fall Images - Low-Res (JPG, 110 K)

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Fall/Winter Images - High-Res (JPG, 798 K)

Fall/Winter Images - Low-Res (JPG, 99 K)

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Winter Images - High-Res (JPG, 542 K)
Winter Images - Low-Res (JPG, 106 K)

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Radon Media Campaigns

Living Healthy & Green

Baby's First Green Steps

(0:0:60, 11.6 M)

Do you want to know how to step out on the green side of building healthier? EPA has developed a media campaign, Living Healthy & Green (Green Sox), to educate consumers about the dangers of radon and the importance of testing. The campaign features Fuad Reveiz, a home builder and former professional football player, who builds his new homes radon-resistant and encourages others to do the same. These unique Public Service Announcements (PSAs) promote building healthier homes from the ground up. Ask media outlets in your area to use the Living Healthy & Green TV, radio and prints ads during January, National Radon Action Month, and in the months to follow. You can help to educate the public about how to improve air quality and preserve our families’ well-being indoors and out. Visit www.epa.gov/radon/media_campaigns.html

This media campaign is available in multiple mediums in English and Spanish. Plus, there are seven different music formats for radio. Every campaign element can be viewed and heard online at www.epapsa.com

When participating in home shows and green festivals, display EPA's "Build Green" pop-up banners, featuring Mr. Reveiz and radon-resistant new construction, at your booth. Contact Judy Molloy at judy@tvaccess.com or 1-800-944-9134 for information on how you can borrow this important outreach tool.

Eddie’s Story

Eddie's Story by Benjamin Schultz and Michael Gentilini


In 2008, EPA asked for 30-60 second video submissions with the theme "Radon: Test, Fix, Save a Life" encouraging Americans to test and fix their homes for radon, and we received more than 30 entries. The winning entry in the Radon Video Contest, titled “Eddie’s Story,” featured the true story of lung cancer survivor Eddie Metcalfe.

Eddie’s Story has now been developed into a powerful media campaign spearheaded by EPA to raise radon awareness. The new Eddie's Story Radon Public Service Announcement (PSA) materials are available to download and order. Partners can order TV kits and download embeddable video (including closed captioned) featuring the Eddie’s Story video PSA. Web banners and a print PSA for magazines or newspapers are also available. Encourage media outlets in your area to use this true testimonial to show the very real health risk caused by radon.

  • To download all of the Eddie’s Story campaign materials, and for tips on how to promote Eddie's Story in your National Radon Action Month outreach, visit www.epa.gov/radon/media_campaigns.html

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