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National Radon Action Month


Below is a sampling of results data from 2011 National Radon Action Month activities. A total of 2,091 activities and events were reported for the 2011 National Radon Action Month. Thank you for helping to save lives by raising awareness about testing, fixing and building radon-resistant.

For more information about the 2011 National Radon Action Month Results:

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Many Types of Activities Increase Radon Awareness

Event and Activity Broken Out by Type
category chart
Each activity and event submitted for National Radon Action Month is categorized to help organizers see the wide range of outreach conducted. Many activities, such as signed proclamations, published press releases, and radon education and awareness-building programs, substantially increase radon awareness and have far-reaching results that save lives. Partners conducted a variety of activities with a goal of reaching out to all key stakeholder groups and the general public.

Success stories and other interesting groupings of activities from 2011 can be viewed at www.radonleaders.org/nram/results/2011 Exiting EPA. Also, visit the Archive page for other featured stories and events and activities conducted by community organizations, health professionals and others. You will gain valuable insight for planning future activities and events.

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National Radon Action Month Participation Among States

2011 National Radon Action Month - State Participation
(Activities dated September 1, 2010 - February 28, 2011)
participation map
The 2011 National Radon Action Month ended with a total of 37 states participating in National Radon Action Month activities.

Thanks to all stakeholders who raised radon awareness and made the 2011 National Radon Action Month a success. In total, local groups and organizations from 37 states and all 10 EPA regions conducted activities and events. We hope to continue this trend until all states, tribal nations and U.S. territories promote radon awareness messages.

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Radon Test Kits Distributed in 2011

In 2011, stakeholders had the opportunity to report the number of test kits that were distributed as a part of a particular activity. Eighteen states submitted activities that reported the number of radon test kits distributed. Overall, radon stakeholders distributed over 22,000 radon test kits as a part of their National Radon Action Month outreach.

Top States for Radon Test Kits Distributed

States # of Kits
Tennessee 6,704
Minnesota 5,100
Nevada 4,249
North Carolina 3,574
Total Reported Test Kits
Distributed in 2011

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2011 Website Outreach or Updates

Website Outreach or Update was another popular category for the 2011 NRAM activities — with 233 activities submitted. This was the third consecutive year that activities in this category increased significantly. Activities in the Website Outreach or Update category included social media outreach, articles in online publications and banner advertisements.

NRAM Website Outreach or Update Activities

2011 Website Outreach or Updates

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Participation in the National Radon Poster Contest

The National Radon Poster Contest saw a tremendous increase in participation from last year, with 4,026 posters submitted from 33 states and six tribes. This represents a 38 percent increase in the number of poster entries from last year's contest.

Participation in the National Radon Poster Contest

Watch a video highlighting the National Radon Poster Contest winners. Hear from the award-winning students, their parents and teachers on the importance of this contest, what they have learned and how they are making positive changes in their communities. Visit http://www.radonleaders.org/node/12220 .

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  • First Place: Logan from Dania, FL - Poster title: "Keep Your Family Safe"
  • Second Place: Darwin from Virginia Beach, VA - Poster title: "Do You Test Your Home for Radon?"
  • Third Place: Divya from Bridgewater, NJ - Poster title: "Test Your Home for Radon"

Visit http://sosradon.org/2011-poster-contest  for more information about this year's contest and how you can get involved.

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