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Radon-Resistant New Construction (RRNC)

Radon is a Health Risk

Architectural Drawings

Passive Radon Control System for New Construction

For builders new to radon-resistant new construction techniques, EPA provides a set of Architectural Drawings for three foundation types. Initially released in May 1995.

Checklist for Passive and Active Radon Systems

In cooperation with EPA's Indoor Environments Division, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) created the Radon Mitigation System Inspection Checklist.  With just seven inspection elements, the Checklist takes under 15 minutes to complete.  Builders can also use the checklist as a guide during the home building process. The checklist can be given to the home buyer to confirm the RRNC features installed. Revised January 9, 2009.

  • PDF Version (PDF, 2 pp, 43 K)

ASHI recommends that home owners and home buyers test their current or prospective home for the presence of radon gas in indoor air.

Building Radon Out

For more information on building healthier, radon-resistant homes, download a copy of EPA’s step-by-step guide Building Radon Out

  • PDF Version (PDF, 184 pp, 5.5 M)
  • EPA 402-K-01-002, April 2001

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