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Glossary J - M


RadTown Glossary
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Land Application

application of sewage sludge or other waste product to land to condition the soil or fertilize crops or other vegetation.


An unstable form of lead in the uranium-238 decay chain, lead-210 is a significant source of beta radiation.

Low-Level Radioactive Waste

Radioactively contaminated industrial or research waste such as paper, rags, plastic bags, water-treatment residues. It is waste that does not meet the criteria for any of three other categories of radioactive waste: spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste; transuranic radioactive waste; or uranium mill tailings. Its categorization does not depend the level of radioactivity it contains.


RadTown Glossary
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The use of sampling and detection equipment to determine the levels of radiation or other toxic materials in land, air, or water.


Millirem, one thousandth of a rem

Municipal Landfill

Landfill that receives household waste, and that is not a land application unit, surface impoundment, injection well, or waste pile. Such a landfill may be publicly or privately owned.

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