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Frequent Questions about Working with Your Records Liaison Officer (RLO)

Who is a Records Liaison Officer?

Each Program and Region has a Records Liaison Officer (RLO). Your RLO is one of the first resources to help you understand your Program or Region's records management policies and procedures and is the liaison with the National Records Management Program.

How do I contact my RLO?

Contact your Regional, Lab or Program RLO with any records management questions you may have.

What are the duties of the RLO?

The duties of the RLO are outlined in the Roles and Responsibilities of Records Liaison Officers. Some of the duties outlined in the document are:

  • Creating and updating records management procedures for their offices in accordance with established EPA and program policies.
  • Developing file plans so records are organized and can be found when needed.
  • Assisting with disposition activities, including retirement of inactive records, transfer of permanent records to the National Archives, and destruction in accordance with approved records schedules.
  • Initiating and keeping records retirement, transfer, and destruction documentation.
  • Conducting briefings and training sessions on the records management program activities and providing technical expertise to records contacts and staff.
  • Implementing the vital records program and updating the vital records inventory in accordance with Vital Records Procedures, CIO 2155.

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