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Frequent Questions about Verbal Communications and Records

What is a "verbal communication"?

Verbal communication can mean a telephone conversation, a voice mail message or series of voice mails, a formal meeting, or even an informal chat with a coworker in the hallway.

What kind of verbal communications might be a record?

Any oral communication where an Agency decision or commitment is made, and that is not otherwise documented, needs to be captured and placed in your recordkeeping system. For example:

What types of communications are included?

What is the best way to capture conversations that are records?

Write a memo to the file. Be sure to include:

An alternative, for recorded meetings, is to create or obtain a transcript which can be saved as a record.

The second option would be to save the meeting’s recorded Wave file as a record. This is not recommended for three reasons: (1) it is easier to maintain text files, (2) it's easier to search text files, and (3) it is cheaper to store text files than audio files.

Does this mean that I have to write a transcript of every conversation?

No, not all verbal communications are records. Only write a memo to the file or create or obtain a transcript for verbal communications if they are:

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