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In the Loop - January 2008

Some In The Loop articles and links are pertinent to EPA staff and are available to EPA Intranet users only.

Tip of the Week: Labeling records (29-JAN-2008)

Labeling records appropriately aids in identifying and retrieving them when needed. Label file folders with:

  • identifying information (e.g., Agency file codes (AFCs), titles), and
  • custodial information (i.e., custodian's name and organization)

For example (click to enlarge for detail):

label example

See the File Plan Guide for more information about labeling your records.

Tip of the Week: Understanding Agency file codes (22-JAN-2008)

Records must be assigned an Agency file code (AFC). An AFC is made up of a business function code, a schedule number, and a schedule disposition item. It's used in place of lengthy records titles that identify records. For example:

AFC graphic
305‑109‑02‑04 = Provide Public Information, Education and Outreach
250 = Publications and Promotional Items
b = Routine publications or promotional items

The records schedules provide all of the information you need to compile AFCs for your records. See the highlighted schedule information below:

EPA Records Schedule 250

Status: Final, 03/30/2007
Title: Publications and Promotional Items
Program: All Programs
Applicability: Agency-wide
Function: 305-109-02-04 - Provide Public Information, Education and Outreach


Disposition Instructions:

Item a: Publication or promotional items depicting EPA's environmental mission activities


Item b: Routine publications or promotional items

See the File Plan Guide for more information about AFCs.

Tip of the Week: Business processes (15-JAN-2008)

All records schedules identify the function code and title of the EPA business process they support. For example:

EPA Records Schedule 630

Status: Final, 02/21/2007
Title: Excess Personal Property Reports
Program: Facilities and Support Services
Applicability: Agency-wide
Function: 401-119-02 - Acquire and Manage Fleets and Equipment

However, you may need more information than the function code and title to fully understand the business process the schedule supports to determine if it is the right schedule to use.

The Function Code Definitions (75K PDF) provide the details needed to better understand the business process. For example:

Function Code Title Definition
401-119-02 Acquire and Manage Fleets and Equipment Activities to acquire and manage agency vehicle fleets and non-IT equipment, including selection, lease or purchase (ownership) agreements, maintenance agreements, licensing, and other requirements.

Tip of the Week: Contractor records (04-JAN-2008)

Government employees and contractors make and preserve records that document the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the Agency. When EPA contractors create or receive federal records, the records must be managed according to EPA policy and procedures, including the mandatory instructions in Agency records schedules.

See Contractor Records for more information and examples of records commonly managed by contractors.

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