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In the Loop - December 2008

Some In The Loop articles and links are pertinent to EPA staff and are available to EPA Intranet users only.

Tip of the Week: Vital records inventories (03-DEC-2008)

A vital records inventory identifies records that support your office's essential functions. You can assist your Records Liaison Officer (RLO) in creating a vital records inventory by reporting records that could be considered:

  • emergency operating records that support the continued functioning or recovery efforts of your office (e.g., Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), delegations of authority) or
  • legal and financial rights records that protect the legal and financial rights of the Agency and people affected by Agency actions (e.g., payroll, contract).

Each year your RLO must evaluate your office's vital records inventory and certify that it is up to date. Work with your RLO by reviewing the information on your office's inventory and reporting any changes (e.g., custodial information, updating schedule, record's format).

For more information about vital records see:

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