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In the Loop - April 2009

Some In The Loop articles and links are pertinent to EPA staff and are available to EPA Intranet users only.

Tip of the Month: Get to know your RLO (15-APR-2009)

Celebrate Records and Information Management Month by getting to know the Records Liaison Officer (RLO) who works hard to help you meet your recordkeeping responsibilities. Did you know that your RLO:

  • Creates and updates records management procedures for your office in accordance with EPA policies and programs,
  • Evaluates your office's records management program,
  • Develops file plans and procedures for organizing records, ensuring that they can be found when needed,
  • Assists you with dispositioning (i.e., transferring or destroying) your records,
  • Initiates and maintains documentation related to retiring and dispositioning your records,
  • Periodically reviews those records schedules routinely used by your office to ensure they meet the business needs of your office,
  • Ensures confidential or sensitive information is properly protected and maintained,
  • Conducts briefings and training sessions about records management,
  • Provides you with the information you need to properly manage your records, and
  • Organizes a network of records contacts to assist in implementing a records management program?

Find out what you can do to make your records management program successful by contacting your headquarters, regional, or laboratory RLO. For more information on Records and Information Management Month see the March 20, 2009 Tip of the Month. Also see the Records Management Policy web page under Roles and Responsibilities for more RLO related information.

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