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In the Loop - January 2010

Some In The Loop articles and links are pertinent to EPA staff and are available to EPA Intranet users only.

Tip of the Month: : Clear Your Clutter, But Manage Your Records (29-JAN-2010)

To highlight the importance of safety and reduce potential workplace hazards, EPA Headquarters is holding its fifth annual "Clear Your Clutter" Clean Workspace Challenge from February 10, 2010 through March 26, 2010.

This is an opportunity for Records Liaison Officers (RLOs) and other records contacts to be involved with these activities to ensure the proper disposal of records, work with staff to update office file plans and encourage staff to use ECMS to manage email records.

If cleaning work areas involves eliminating piles of paper or files, encourage staff to consult the records schedules and work with you or the Records Help Desk to ensure the proper disposition of the records.

See "Frequent Questions about Cleanup Days and Records" for more information about cleaning up work areas and the April 8, 2008 Tip of the Week on unauthorized destruction of records.

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