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In the Loop - March 2010

Some In The Loop articles and links are pertinent to EPA staff and are available to EPA Intranet users only.

Tip of the Month: April is Records and Information Management Month (24-MAR-2010)

April is "Records and Information Management Month," and it is a great opportunity to focus special attention on promoting our records programs, and making employees and contractors more aware of their records management responsibilities.

NRMP encourages all of the RLOs to take advantage of "Records and Information Management Month" by planning a special event, putting up posters or sending out specific information promoting good records management practices.

Here are some ideas used by EPA records management staff in the past:

  • Re-introduce staff to the NRMP Records Website (intranet.epa.gov/records) where you will find training, flyers, best practices and links to records schedules and the Agency File Plan.
  • Conduct tours of your regional records center or office file room. This gives non-records staff in particular a great opportunity to see what happens to their documents after they've been sent to "Records".
  • Introduce staff to their records contact(s) or records center personnel. Educate staff in how records managers, and by extension records management, works.
  • Put up posters, make your own or contact NARA or ARMA to purchase them. ARMA has new promotional materials here: http://www.arma.org/rim/promotion/index.cfm
  • Send out an e-mail with a records management tip of the day.
  • Hold a brown-bag lunch and show a records management video.
  • Send informational bulletins or messages on special topics, such as identifying records, vital records, or other records management issues specific to your office.
  • Encourage staff to familiarize themselves with vital records and disaster planning by looking at the following documents and Websites:

Additionally, take a look at the records websites developed by EPA programs and regions. These links can be found on the right sidebar on the Records intranet site.

ALERT: NARA's RACO 2009 Blog is Now Records Express (22-MAR-2010)

The National Archives has announced the re-launch of the RACO 2009 blog as Records Express.

Records Express (available at http://blogs.archives.gov/records-express) is the forum which will highlight NARA's guidance, talk about upcoming events and discuss how NARA is working with agency partners to improve records management in the Federal Government.

ALERT: NARA Bulletin 2010-02, Continuing Agency Responsibilities for Scheduling Electronic Records (17-MAR-2010)

NARA has issued NARA Bulletin 2010-02, Continuing Agency Responsibilities for Scheduling Electronic Records, dated February 5, 2010.

The Bulletin reminds Federal agencies of their continuing responsibility to schedule all their electronic records series and electronic systems, including website content records.

The bulletin also requires agencies to report to NARA semi-annually on the status of their electronic records scheduling activities. The bulletin has been posted to the NARA web site at:


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