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In the Loop - July 2011

Some In The Loop articles and links are pertinent to EPA staff and are available to EPA Intranet users only.

ALERT: NARA Bulletin 2011-04 - Guidance on Managing Mixed-Media Files (25-JULY-2011)

NARA has issued NARA Bulletin 2011-04, Guidance on Managing Mixed-Media Files which provides guidance to agencies who frequently manage files with records created or received in more than one type of medium.

This Bulletin reminds agencies of lifecycle management requirements for records in all formats. It also points to the need to maintain the integrity of files and identifies the risks involved if integrity is not maintained.

The bulletin has been posted on NARA's website at http://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/bulletins/2011/2011-04.html.

Alert: RACO 2011 presentations are now available (15-JUL-2010)

The Records Administration Conference (RACO) is an annual one-day conference on Federal records management issues hosted by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

This year the RACO 23rd annual conference was held on May 25 at NARA headquarters in Washington DC. The theme for RACO 2011 was "Forging Ahead: Meeting the Challenges of Electronic Records in an Open Government". All the presentations are now available on the NARA website.

Access them here: RACO 2011 presentations.

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