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Calendars of Agency Senior Officials

DATE: November 21, 2007
SUBJECT: Calendars of Agency Senior Officials
FROM: Molly A. O'Neill /s/
Assistant Administrator and Chief Information Officer
Office of Environmental Information
TO: Chief of Staff
Assistant Administrators
General Counsel
Inspector General
Chief Financial Officer
Associate Administrators
Regional Administrators
Staff Office Directors
Deputy Assistant Administrators
Deputy Regional Administrators
Laboratory Directors

This is a reminder that your calendar and those of other Agency senior officials are designated as permanent government records under EPA's Record Schedule 111 (Calendars, Schedules, and Logs of Daily Activities). This means that your calendar must be preserved as a permanent record. Record Schedule 111 is attached and can be found on the National Records Management Program's Web site at:


I recommend that you make your electronic calendar your "official" calendar to avoid having to make copies of personal planners. I strongly suggest that electronic calendars of senior officials be printed weekly and filed in an official record keeping system. At the end of each calendar year the file should be closed, maintained for five additional years, and then transferred to the National Archives. The National Records Management Program staff will assist with the transfer of these records. Please ensure that any staff in your office, such as Special Assistants, or others who fall under the category of "Senior Officials" are aware that they also need to preserve their calendars as permanent government records. (See the guidance section in EPA Record Schedule 111.)

Because calendars of senior officials are considered permanent records, anyone serving in a capacity of a senior official needs to ensure that "substantive" calendar information for the period he or she is acting is captured in the senior official's recordkeeping system. Substantive calendar information is information relating to official EPA activities, when the information has not been incorporated into memoranda, reports, correspondence, or other records included in the official files.

This can be accomplished by:

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. Should you have any questions concerning this requirement, or records management in general, you can contact either the National Record Management Program's help desk at 202/566-1494 or John B. Ellis, EPA Records Officer at 202/566-1643.

cc: Assistant Regional Administrators
Assistant Inspector Generals
Associate General Counsels
Deputy Regional Counsels
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Deputy Comptroller
Headquarters Office Directors
Records Liaison Officers

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