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Electronic Records and Document Management System

DATE: August 15, 2003
SUBJECT: Electronic Records and Document Management System (ERDMS) Update

Mark Luttner, Director
Office of Information Collection (OIC)

Mark Day, Director
Office of Technology Operations and Planning (OTOP)

TO: ERDMS Task Force Members
ERDMS Steering Committee Members
ERDMS Pilot Applicants
IRM Branch Chiefs
Senior Information Resource Management Officials
Record Liaison Officers

The purpose of this memorandum is to inform you of the Agency's decision to select Documentum as EPA's standard platform for records and document management applications. Over the last year and a half, the Office of Environmental Information (OEI) has lead an Agency-wide effort to select an enterprise-wide Electronic Records and Document Management System (ERDMS). Part of this effort included evaluating the suitability of more than eighteen commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) records and document management applications for use in EPA. The COTS evaluation focused on several major areas:

All products were evaluated similarly through product demonstrations, literature reviews, federal agency user interviews and expert analysis via contract support.

In the final analysis, product scores were very close. There was only a two to three point difference between the top three recommended products, with Documentum ranking in the top three. The closeness in scores indicated there was no significant differences between the top products in terms of functional and technical capabilities. Therefore, the determining factor was the Agency's current investments in Documentum and the desire to move toward a common platform for electronic records and document management systems. OEI plans to conduct two ERDMS pilot projects in FY 04 using Documentum.

We realize that many important questions are still unanswered, such as who will pay for ERDMS, how and when will it be deployed, and what happens to current electronic records and/or document management systems. We will continue to work with you to address these questions as we work through and learn from the pilot projects.

Finally, we thank you for your continued interest, support and involvement in this important undertaking. Our staff have received much support and help throughout this project, and we are confident that this support and your participation will ensure this project's long term success. If you have any questions, please call Deborah Williams at 202-566-1659.

cc: Kim Nelson
Ramona Trovato
Rick Otis
Assistant Regional Administrators
OEI Office Directors
QTS Members

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