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Browsing the Schedules

Browsing EPA's records schedules is now easier than ever, with more choices to help you find the right schedule for your records. Six sorting options are available in one view, eliminating the need to move back and forth through multiple pages. Every schedule appears listed on a single page, when you click on the schedule link.

Choose a sorting option

The schedules table is sorted by the first column, in ascending order. Click on any one of the columns to sort in ascending or descending order.

column headings on the schedule browsing pages
  1. No. - the schedule number, a unique identifier assigned to each schedule.
  2. Title - the schedule title, describes a group of related records covered by the schedule.
  3. Function - the function code, used in a file plan to organize records by business process.
  4. Program - the EPA organization(s) that can use the schedule.
  5. Applicability - the EPA location(s) that can use the schedule.
  6. Revised - the last revision date of the schedule.


You can search for schedules in two ways.

1. Enter a word in the search field above the table. The table will display all the rows that have the specified search term. In the example below, we have typed in 'Indi'and the corresponding search results are displayed. This search is restricted to terms within the table and is not case sensitive.

search term and search results

2. Search the schedules by keyword. This is a full text search that includes the body content of the schedules.

Tip: Press Ctrl+F and type your search term to seach for items within a page.

Still can't find the right schedule for your records?

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