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EPA Records Schedule 044

Status: (to be superseded) Final, 04/30/2013

Title: Risk Management Plan (RMP) Implementation Records

Program: Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response

Applicability: Agency-wide

Function: 104-008-02 - EPA Emergency Preparedness

NARA Disposal Authority:

This schedule authorizes the disposition of the record copy in any media (media neutral), excluding any records already in electronic form. Records designated for permanent retention must be transferred to the National Archives in accordance with NARA standards at the time of transfer.


Contains documents relating to implementation of the Clean Air Act, Section 112(r), which requires facilities to develop risk management programs which will prevent and minimize consequences of accidental releases of certain hazardous chemicals that could harm public health and the environment. Facilities submit risk management plans (RMPs) every five years, or more frequently per 40 CFR Part 68. Includes RMPs, facility audit reports, correspondence, and other program implementation documents.

Disposition Instructions:

Item a: Record copy


The Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) at Headquarters (via the reporting center) is responsible for the original, submitted RMPs. But, the implementing agencies (which may include state or local agencies with appropriate delegation) will manage the records related to their implementation of the RMP program. Records related to state authorizations are covered in EPA 204.

If no state or local agency is granted delegation, the appropriate EPA regional office will be the implementing agency for that state. Records related to the oversight of the state program are covered in EPA 203.

Compliance files are scheduled as EPA 211 and enforcement actions as EPA 207.

RMP data is entered into the System for Risk Management Plans (SRMP), a suite of electronic systems covered by EPA 047.

Records containing sensitive information (e.g., offsite consequence analysis (OCA) data) must be shredded or otherwise definitively destroyed to protect confidentiality.

Specific legal citations include, but are not limited to:

Reasons for Disposition:

The disposition instructions have been rewritten as media neutral to allow for maintaining the record copy in EPA's electronic recordkeeping system. The retention has not changed.

Item b for electronic copies created with word processing and electronic mail applications was deleted 08/15/2006 pursuant to NARA Bulletin 2006-04.


Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, Office of Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response

Related Schedules:

EPA 047, EPA 203, EPA 204, EPA 207, EPA 211

Previous NARA Disposal Authority:


Entry: 08/09/1999

EPA Approval: 05/24/2007

NARA Approval: 03/17/2008

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