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EPA Records Schedule 315

Status: (to be superseded) Final, 05/31/2011

Title: Pesticides Registration Documents

Program: Pesticides

Applicability: Headquarters

Function: 108-025-06-01 - Ensure Safe Use of Pesticides

NARA Disposal Authority:

This schedule authorizes the disposition of the record copy in any media (media neutral), excluding any records already in electronic form. Records designated for permanent retention must be transferred to the National Archives in accordance with NARA standards at the time of transfer.


Records support the pesticide product registration process. Files contain trade secrets and are restricted from public use.

Registration jackets include the application for new registration of a pesticide, confidential statement of formula, enforcement action, product label, label change recommendations, chemical reviews, reports and materials supporting label citations, enforcement case reviews, cancellation notices, certified mail receipts, products, formulas, and related registration records.

Experimental use product jackets (EUPs) include the application for experimental use, product label, application data, EPA briefing paper (covering formulation, crop and rate of application, product characteristics, toxicity evaluation and recommendations), and acceptance or rejection letter.

Pesticide tolerance petition jackets include correspondence between EPA and pesticide manufacturers regarding petitions for tolerance, and may include product labels and updates, applications for temporary permits, chemical analysis reports, rejection notices, pesticide petition resumes, Federal Register notices, interoffice memos, inert ingredient tolerance/tolerance exemption petitions and other related documents.

24c applications by state include the applicant's name and address, product name, issue date, expiration date, toxicity, pesticide form, pesticide type(s), chemical active ingredients, and percent concentration of each ingredient, and sites and pests.

Disposition Instructions:

Item a: Registration jackets

Item b: Experimental use product jackets (EUPs)

Item c(1)(a): Established tolerances - Pesticide tolerance petition jackets - Nonelectronic

Item c(1)(b): Established tolerances - Pesticide tolerance petition jackets - Electronic

Item c(1)(c): Established tolerances - Pesticide tolerance petition jackets - Electronic copy of records transferred to the National Archives

Item c(2): Established limited or temporary tolerances - Pesticide tolerance petition jackets

Item c(3): Inactive tolerances - Pesticide tolerance petition jackets

Item d: 24c application by state


Records containing sensitive information must be shredded or otherwise definitively destroyed to protect confidentiality.

Jackets are checked out only to Agency employees with FIFRA CBI clearance and special bar code. Jackets are tracked in the JACKETS system and maintained in the OPP Information Services Center File Room.

Specific legal citations include:

Reasons for Disposition:

The disposition instructions have been rewritten as media neutral to allow for maintaining the record copy in EPA's electronic recordkeeping system. The retention is unchanged.

The following changes were made in the 02/29/2008 version:

Item e for electronic copies created with word processing and electronic mail applications deleted 08/18/2006 pursuant to NARA Bulletin 2006-04.


Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, Office of Pesticide Programs, Information Technology and Resources Management Division, Information Services Branch

Related Schedules:

Previous NARA Disposal Authority:

NC1-412-76-9/14 and 16, NC1-412-82-14, NC1-412-85-24/4 and 6a, N1-412-95-2/2

Entry: 08/17/1992

EPA Approval: 01/08/2007

NARA Approval: 08/16/2007

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