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EPA Records Schedule 492

Status: (to be superseded) Final, 06/30/2009

Title: Collections of Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Program: All Programs, with exceptions

Applicability: Agency-wide, with exceptions

Function: 316 - Applied Research and Science Support

NARA Disposal Authority:

This schedule authorizes the disposition of the record copy in any media (media neutral), excluding any records already in electronic form. Records designated for permanent retention must be transferred to the National Archives in accordance with NARA standards at the time of transfer.


Consists of records used to assure quality of analytical procedures used by EPA laboratories, including standard operating procedures (SOPs) used to implement and assess environmental measurements activities. The SOPs are used to ensure that measurements of the appropriate type and quality are made to support decisions. Includes the following types of SOPs: sampling, instrument operations, calibration (equipment and instruments), sample preparation, analytical procedures (laboratory and field), data validation and data verification, health and safety, and related documents. Also includes routine office and administrative procedures and related documents, such as inter-lab cross-check reports, trip reports, and special project analysis reports.

Excludes: Quality assurance records that are part of specific project or research files covered by other schedules, including those maintained in the Office of Research and Development (ORD).

Disposition Instructions:

Item a: Record copy


Quality assurance records in Office of Research and Development (ORD) labs are not covered by this schedule. ORD quality assurance records that are for specific projects or research files are to be retained according to the disposition instructions for the records they support. For example, ORD quality assurance plans for scientific research projects related to rulemaking are to be retained with the records covered by EPA 501.

Reasons for Disposition:

The disposition instructions have been rewritten as media neutral to allow for maintaining the record copy in EPA's electronic recordkeeping system. The schedule was originally approved as N1-412-86-1/15a for the National Air and Radiation Environmental Laboratory. The title and description has been revised and the applicability expanded so that it can be used by all EPA laboratories. The retention has been reduced from 20 to 10 years.

The following change was made in the 04/30/2009 version:

The following changes were made in the 01/31/2008 version:

Item b for electronic copies created with word processing and electronic mail applications deleted 08/22/2006 pursuant to NARA Bulletin 2006-04.


Multiple units

Related Schedules:

Previous NARA Disposal Authority:


Entry: 06/05/1993

EPA Approval: 08/08/2008

NARA Approval: 06/05/2009

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