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EPA Records Schedule 745

Status: (to be superseded) Final, 01/31/2008

Title: Ad Hoc Printouts

Program: All Programs

Applicability: Agency-wide

Function: 401 - Administrative Management

NARA Disposal Authority:

This schedule authorizes the disposition of the record copy in any media (media neutral), excluding any records already in electronic form. Records designated for permanent retention must be transferred to the National Archives in accordance with NARA standards at the time of transfer.


This item covers hard copy printouts derived from electronic records created on an ad hoc basis for reference purposes or to meet day-to-day business needs.

Disposition Instructions:

Item a: Record copy


Printouts needed to provide documentation of specific activities or transactions are to be filed with their related records, and are to be retained according to the disposition instructions for the records they support.

Reasons for Disposition:

This is a new item issued with the December 2007 General Records Schedule 20.


Multiple units

Related Schedules:

Previous NARA Disposal Authority:

Entry: 01/09/2008

EPA Approval: Not applicable

NARA Approval: 12/00/2007

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