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Basic Requirements of an Electronic Recordkeeping System at EPA


These are the basic EPA and federal requirements for recordkeeping systems that manage records on electronic media. Collectively these requirements cover:


EPA has selected Documentum as the standard platform for enterprise content management (ECM). Documentum includes an electronic recordkeeping system that meets these requirements. The selection, which was announced in a joint memorandum from EPA's Office of Information Collection and Office of Technology Operations and Planning, resulted from an evaluation of criteria in five major areas:

This document expands upon the records management functions that were evaluated and the practices necessary to carry out those functions effectively.


An electronic recordkeeping system must meet National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements and be able to:

Life Cycle Management

The system must manage records throughout their life cycle and be able to:


The system must capture metadata about the records it manages and be able to:


The system must retrieve records and be able to:


The system must ensure the integrity of the records it manages and be able to:


The system must provide an appropriate level of security for the records its manages and be able to:


The system must allow for records to be backed up to protect against information loss and be able to:


The system must allow records to be migrated and be able to:

Permanent Records

The system must permit permanent records to be transferred to NARA and be able to:


EPA organizations should implement procedures to establish the trustworthiness of their electronic records and their records disposition practices. These procedures should include:


EPA organizations should train staff on the electronic recordkeeping system, including:


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