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Records Management Self Evaluation Guide

Contents of this tool kit

Program Management

Records Creation and Recordkeeping Requirements

Records Maintenance

Maintenance of Special Records

Records Disposition

Vital Records

EPA 220-B-97-002
June 2001


The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) developed a self-evaluation guide for all Federal agencies to monitor their records management programs. This EPA National Records Management Program (NRMP) Tool Kit is based on that publication (1995 ed., 2001 Web edition) and is provided to assist EPA programs and offices implement the Federal requirement to conduct self-evaluations as outlined in NARA records management regulations (36 CFR 1220.42).

Using this Self-evaluation Tool Kit will assist EPA programs and offices:

Other NARA and NRMP publications provide additional details regarding records creation, maintenance, and disposition policies and procedures. Relevant publications are available from the NRMP Records Management Collection.

Although this Tool Kit provides a framework for a general evaluation of a records management program, programs that wish to conduct a more in-depth review may add more specific questions based on other records management publications. Programs may also modify or add questions to accommodate specialized records and recordkeeping practices. No guide developed for agency-wide use can replace audit or evaluation activities tailored to the unique organization and operations of each program.

This Tool Kit is divided into six broad sections. Programs may use the entire Tool Kit to conduct a comprehensive program review or select sections to focus on specific areas, such as records disposition or files maintenance. The Tool Kit consists of a series of questions to be answered either "yes" or "no." A "yes" answer indicates compliance with NARA records management regulations and recommended practices.

The term "records liaisons" includes EPA staff at headquarters, regions, field offices, or laboratories who have responsibility for managing Federal records. All other terms are defined in NARA records management regulations (36 CFR 1220.14 and 1234.2).

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