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Section 6. Vital Records

A vital records program is intended to assist programs in identifying and protecting those records essential to continuing their operations under other than normal business conditions and to protecting the rights of the Government and those individuals directly affected by its actions.

checkbox Yescheckbox No1. Has the program assessed potential risks to their vital records?
checkbox Yescheckbox No2. Is the program familiar with the agency vital records policy (Directive 2160), authorizing the vital records program and specifying the responsibilities of various program officials?
checkbox Yescheckbox No3. Has the program designated a vital records point person to coordinate the program's vital records plan?
checkbox Yescheckbox No4. Has the program identified its vital records, i.e., its emergency operating records and legal rights records?
checkbox Yescheckbox No5. Does the program periodically review its vital records plan and update it as necessary?
checkbox Yescheckbox No6. If special media records (such as electronic or microform records) are designated as vital records, have provisions been made for access to the equipment needed to use the records in case of emergency?

For further information, see 36 CFR, Part 1223 - Management of Vital Records; and the NARA publication, "Vital Records and Record Disaster Mitigation and Recovery," and the NRMP Tool Kit: Developing and Maintaining a Vital Records Program.

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