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Preparing the FRC Box List

Prepare an FRC Box List for each box in the accession.

In order for you and the FRC to know what folders are in each box, you need to prepare a Box List which identifies the contents of each box. Begin the box list for each accession with your first box and note the box number followed by a listing of the folders in the box. Continue in the same way for the remaining boxes in the shipment.

Each file folder title should be listed to facilitate retrieval of individual files from boxes and to document exactly what folders were retired. Some programs attempt to shorten the procedure by using ranges of folder titles such as "A-F" or "Atlanta to Fairfax" instead of listing each title. This "range" method should only be used for files which are arranged in strict numerical or chronological order. Folders must be uniformly labeled or numbered. The range should be annotated to indicate that all folders are present in a run (inclusive) or which folders are missing, as in the following example:

Box 1: Contracts 1-31 (inclusive) Box 2: Contracts 32-50 (Contract 39 not included)

Make 5 copies of the completed box listing. These will be attached to the five copies of the Standard Form 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt Form (SF-135) described on the next page.

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