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Obtaining SF-135 Approval

After you complete the SF-135 and box lists, notify your program's Records Liaison Officer. Before the records leave your office, the Records Liaison Officer will review the SF-135, the box list, and boxes and approve by initialing Box 6(f) in the SF-135

After the SF-135 is approved by your Records Liaison Officer, notify the Headquarters Records Officer and request a customer reference number (CRN) aka accession number. Write the CRN number from the SF-135 in 1-inch-high letters with a black permanent marker in the upper left corner of the front of each box in the accession.

The Headquarters Records Officer requires a completed EPA Facilities Service Request (SF 5100-8) to transfer the boxes to a staging/holding area pending delivery to the FRC.

Filling out Standard Form 5100-8
Type the following statement in the center section titled "Description," filling in the information requested in parentheses:
Request (give number of boxes) FRC Retirement Boxes be picked up from Room (give room number), (give name of section), and delivered to EPA Records Staging Area at Headquarters for further shipment to FRC. Please see (give name of person responsible) prior to pickup. Customer Reference Number (CRN)  412‑XX‑XXXX

You must submit the original completed SF-135 and three copies, with box lists attached to each, and Standard Form 5100-8 to the Headquarters Records Officer, who will review and approve the accession. The paperwork may be mailed or hand delivered to Tammy Boulware, Headquarters Records Officer, Mail Code 2822T. The 5100-8 does not require funding or approval, so the bottom half of the form should be left blank. The Headquarters Records Officer sends two copies of the completed SF-135 with the box lists attached to FRC for approval, which may take four to six weeks.

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