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Returning Records to FRC

You must complete EPA Form 1320-3 (Mailing Label) to return both boxes and file folders to FRC.

Instructions for EPA Form 1320-3

Step 1: Type the mail code for your particular program next to the word "Agency" in the upper left portion of the return address.
Step 2: Type the address in the center of the label: Washington National Records Center 4205 Suitland Road, Suitland, MD 20409
Step 3: Type the accession number, location number and box number of the records being returned in the lower left area of the form, using the information from the OF-11. Include "File Name and/or Number" on the label if you are returning individual files to the FRC.

To return boxes, seal top of box with nylon reinforced tape and paste the completed mailing label on top of the box. Ensure that the tape and label do not cover the accession number. Submit a completed EPA Form 5100-8 to the Headquarters Records Officer, who will coordinate the return of the records to FRC. To return individual files, simply paste the label on the EPA mailing envelope, insert the files, seal and mail.

Return records in their original folders or containers to allow accurate refiling. If the box or folder is damaged so that it cannot be shipped, copy the transfer number and location to the front of its replacement.

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