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Shipping the Records

FRC staff will review the SF-135 for completeness and accuracy. Upon approval, the FRC will return a copy of the SF-135 to the Headquarters Records Officer indicating that the records have been approved for transfer to FRC and assign a transfer number in block 6(c).

Once the Headquarters Records Officer receives the FRC-approved SF-135, he or she will then send the approved SF-135 to the originator, coordinate transfer of the records to the holding area, and arrange for the records delivery to FRC. The Originator should place the original FRC-approved SF-135 in the last box of the accession, along with the attached box list.

Once FRC receives and shelves the records, they return a copy of the SF-135 stamped "shelved" to the Headquarters Records Officer.

Note: FRC does not accept shipments that are improperly marked or packed, or whose boxes are out of numerical order, nor does it accept shipments that do not match the approved SF-135 for that accession. EPA, not FRC, is responsible for all original shipments, as well as any additional freight charges FRC incurs to return deficient shipments to the Agency.

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