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Appendix F - Emergency Equipment and Supplies on Hand

The basic assumption for compilation of the list is that all supplies, furniture and equipment in the primary facility have been destroyed or are not usable for the mitigation of the records. Here is a sample list.

[Each office completes its own list.]

Emergency Equipment and Supplies: On Hand
Supply Item Source Amount Location
Personal Safety and Protection
First-Aid Kit   $12.99 Pharmacy
Dust cloths   $0.04 ea Stock room
Dust masks   $2.97 ea Deck prep aisle
Plastic aprons   $14.33  
Disposable gloves   $6.90 bx Stock room
Hard hats   $5.89 Safety equipment
Camera with Film, Flash   $7.99  
Waterproof pens/markers   $0.48 ea Stock room
Pencils   $1.02 dz Stock room
Paper pads/logs   $2.85 ea
$7.78 dz
Clipboards   $1.29 Stock room
Self-adhesive labels   $0.66 Stock room
Color-coded adhesive dots   $1.79 Office Supplies
Environmental Monitoring and Relative Humidity Control
Hygrometer (humidity meter)   $63.44  
Fans   $79.99 Household appliances
Dehumidifiers   $975.00 Jondon.com
General Equipment and Supplies
Waterproof extension cords, 100 Ft   $19.78 Electrical equipment
Flashlights w/ batteries   $2.97 Electrical equipment
Hand radio sets   $59.99 Electronics
Wet/dry vacuum cleaners   $69.97 Small appliances
Tool Kit   $19.97 Tools
Water hoses, 50 ft. w/ connectors   $19.87 Lawn
Adjustable spray nozzle   $7.96 Lawn
Ladders     on-site
Brooms/dustpans   $7.89
Aisle 10
Sponges   $2.25 ea Stock room
Mops   $6.99  
Buckets   $3.29  
Disinfectant   $2.99  
Acrylic sheets (plexiglass)   $24.36  
Dollies Streamliners   $19.98  
Hand trucks   $32.97  
Bunji cord   $2.84 Fastener aisle
Salvage and Drying
Clear plastic film   $26.97 Paint aisle by tarps
Unprinted Newprint   Donated (513) 641-5002
Paper towels   $1.29  
Blotting Paper   $14.63 ea Stock room
Freezer/waxed paper   $1.39  
Plastic garbage bags   $6.29  
Polyethylene ziplock bags   $2.09  
Aluminum foil   $2.85 ea  
Soft cloths   $7.49  
Plastic wash tubs   $4.29  
Screen drying racks   $49.96  
Clothes lines   $5.49  
Rope   $2.29  
Plastic Garbage Can   $8.43 Cleaning products
Clothes pins   $1.99 Aisle 9
Heavy duty (duct) tape   $6.99 Caulk aisle
Utility knives/Zippy cutters   $9.97 Tile supplies
Scissors   $10.95 ea Stock room

This list is to be checked and annotated as to quantity of supplies twice annually by the DAT Coordinator of Records Recovery, who will initial line-by-line in the far right column. Annotated list to be placed in the Master Copy of this Disaster Plan, in the current office files.

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