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Appendix H - Resources

[To be completed by each office.]

Table H-1: Emergency Service Numbers
Organization Phone Number
Building Operations  
Central Parking  
Property Management  
City Emergency Number All Services  
Ambulance All Services  
Fire Department - Non-Emergency  
Fire Department - Marshall  
Fire Department - Fire Inspections  
Fire Department - False Alarm  
Police Department - Traffic Section Operations  
Police Department - Central  
Police Department - Chief of Police  
Public Works and Transportation - Administration  
Public Works and Transportation - Engineering Services  
Public Works and Transportation - Stormwater Hotline  
Public Works and Transportation - Water Quality Environmental Assessments  
Sanitation Services - Operations  
Street Services - Administration  
Street Services - Street Maintenance/Repair  
Street Services - Storm Sewer Cleaning/Repair  
Water Utilities - Water Quality Inquiries  
County Sheriff  
Environmental Protection Agency - EPA Headquarters  
Environmental Protection Agency - EPA Homeland Security  
Environmental Protection Agency - EPA RTP Office  
EPA Office main number  
EPA Office AA, RA, or other  
EPA Safety Officer  
EPA External or Public Affairs Office  
Resource Agencies  
Federal Emergency Management Agency  
General Services Administration - Federal Supply Service  
General Services Administration - Distribution Center  
National Archives and Records Administration / Federal Records Center  
National Personnel Records Center (Civilian Personnel Records)  
Table H-2: Disaster Support Agencies and Businesses
Organization Phone Number
Art Restoration Services  
Book Restoration Services  
Refrigeration and Freezer Facilities  
Data Processing Hot Sites  
Dehumidifier Systems  
Dry Ice - Emergency Ice  
Dry Ice - Zip-Pure American Ice  
Furniture Restoration  
Industrial Extension Cords, Mops, Buckets, Brooms  
Information Technology Restoration  
Micrographic Vendors  
Moisture Control  
Mycologists / Toxicologists (Fungi Specialists)  
Plastic Boxes/Milk Cartons  
Portable Electrical Sump Pumps  
Record Storage Facilities  
Refrigeration Trucks  
Rubbish Removers  
Shelving Vendors/Installers/Repairers  
Steam Cleaners  
Sublimation Chambers/Vacuum/Freeze Drying Facilities  
Temporary Personnel Services - Laborers, Clerical  
Waterproofing Services  
Wet/Dry Vacuums - Rental  
Volunteer Institutions - Local Chapter ARMA President  
Table H-3: Resources at the National Archives and Records Administration
Name Specialty Work Phone
National Preservation Program (NWT-R)
Linda Blaser All media 301-837-0938
Document Conservation Laboratory (NWTD)
Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler Paper 202-501-5360
Catherine (Kitty) Nicholson Paper 301-837-3414
Special Media Preservation Laboratory (NWTS)
Clarence Simmons Magnetic media/photos 301-713-7195
Charles Mayn Magnetic Media 301-713-7410 x340
Richard Schneider Photographs 301-713-6714
Table H-4: Advice and assistance from the professional community
Institution Contact Phone
FAIC Conservation Services Referral System   202-452-9545
Heritage Emergency National Task Force Heritage Preservation 202-233-0800
Library of Congress Preservation Directorate 202-707-5213
The Newberry Library Conservation Department 312-255-3630
Northeast Document Conservation Center 24/7 Emergency Assistance 978-470-1010

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