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Appendix I - Selected Disaster Preparedness and Response Web Sites

Exit EPA Disclaimer Some links on this page are pointers to other hosts and locations on the Internet. This information is provided as a service, however the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is not responsible for the content of these sites.


Guidelines for recovery of some of the more common materials to be affected by a natural disaster or other emergency.


General clearinghouse linking to many other web pages covering wide range of information. Includes sample disaster plans, recovery techniques, downloadable publications, and consortiums available to help. Also has links to commercial disaster assistance organizations. Best site for rapid access to a wide spectrum of useful information


Disaster recovery services and sources of supplies by the Lyrasis library network.


Site for Disaster Recovery Journal, a commercial publication.


Federal Emergency Management Agency site.


Tools and resources for cultural institutions and the general public.


CBS News Disaster Links with links to primarily news-related sites.

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