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Toxic Air Pollutants in the Mid-Atlantic States

What's New!
Mid-Atlantic Region Community Air Toxics Programs

Boiler Compliance at Area Sources

Compliance Assistance for New Area Source Rules
There are new regulations to reduce air toxics affecting:

For information on air toxics rules for area sources visit EPA's Area Source Rules and Area Source Standards web pages.

Industry Partnerships challenge locally-based businesses and industry to voluntarily reduce emissions of toxic pollutants in cooperation with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and other interested stakeholders. EPA Region 3 currently has two Industry Partnerships:

For Additional Information on the Mid-Atlantic Community Air Toxics Program, please contact Cathleen Kennedy at (215) 814-2746 or VanOsten.Cathleen@epa.gov

Toxic Air Pollutant Monitoring Sites within the Mid-Atlantic States

Link to 470k map showing locations of air toxics monitors throughout Region 3 states

Frequently Asked Questions

What are toxic air pollutants? ... Where do toxic air pollutants come from?...
Frequently Asked Questions About Toxic Air Pollutants

Assessing Outdoor Air Near Schools
A new air toxics monitoring initiative. Details can be found at the school air web page.

National Air Toxics Assessment Website
In June 2009, EPA released the results of its 2002 national-scale assessment of air toxics emissions. The purpose of the national-scale assessment is to identify and prioritize air toxics, emission source types and locations which are of greatest potential concern in terms of contributing to population risk. The findings show that much of the U.S. population is exposed to levels of air toxics which result in higher health risks than EPA considers acceptable. The findings of the NATA can be found at the EPA's National Air Toxics Assessment web page.

Some Air Toxic Inventory Links

Information on Hazardous Air Pollutants and Their Health Effects

For more information about air toxics in Region 3, please contact:

Cathleen Van Osten (VanOsten.cathleen@epa.gov) at (215) 814-2746


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