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Mid-Atlantic Air Protection MACT/NESHAPs Contacts



NESHAP/ MACT Standard Part/Subpart Contact Phone number
Gasoline Distribution 63/R Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Marine Vessels 63/Y Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Boat Manufacturing 63/


Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Auto Refinishing/Autobody refinishing (VOC ) 59/B Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Pesticide Active Ingredient 63/


Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Petroleum Refineries 63/CC Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Petroleum Refineries (catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming, sulfur recovery) 63/UUU Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Aerospace Manufacturing & Rework Facilities 63/GG Paul Arnold 215-814-2194
Large Appliances (surface coating) 63/


Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Leather Finishing Operations 63/TTTT Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Nutritional Yeast Manufacturing (Bakers Yeast) 63/


Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Portland Cement Manufacturing 63/LLL Chip Hosford 215-814-2152
Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing/ Phosphate Fertilizer Production 63/AA,


Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Facilities 63/O Richard Eaton 304-234-0265
Solvent Extraction for Vegetable Oil Production 63/


Richard Eaton 304-234-0265
Magnetic Tape Manufactures 63/EE Richard Eaton 304-234-0265
Industrial Cooling Towers 63/Q Richard Eaton 304-234-0265
Chromium Electroplating 63/N Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Wool Fiberglass Manufacturing 63/ NNN Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Flexible Polyurethane Foam Production 63/III Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Flexible Polyurethane Foam Fabrication Operation 63/


Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Wet Formed Fiberglass Mat Production 63/


Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Rubber Tire Manufacturing 63/


Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Cellulose Products Manufacturing 63/


Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Degreasing Organic Cleaners (Halogenated Solvent Cleaning) 63/T Gregory Voigt 215-814-5737
Dry Cleaning 63/M Gregory Voigt 215-814-5737
Inorganic Arsenic Emissions from Glass Manufacturing Plants 61/N Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Inorganic Arsenic Emissions from Primary Copper Smelters 61/O Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Friction Products Manufacturing 63/


Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Generic MACT (Carbon Black, Cyanide Chemicals Mfg., Ethylene Processes, Spandex Production, Acetal Resins (AR) Production, Acrylic/Mondacrylic Fibers (AMF) Production, Polycarbonates (PC) Production Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) Production 63/YY Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Inorganic Arsenic Emissions from Arsenic Trioxide and Metallic Arsenic Production Facilities 61/P Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Benzene Emissions from Coke By-Product Recovery Plants 61/L James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Primary Lead Smelting 63/TTT James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Secondary Lead Smelting 63/X James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Ferroalloys Production(Ferralloy Industry and Ferromaganese & Silicomaganese Production) 63/XXX James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Coke Ovens 63/L James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Primary Aluminum (Primary Aluminum Reduction Plants) 63/LL James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Secondary Aluminum 63/RRR James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Wood Furniture 63/JJ James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Mineral Wool Production 63/DDD James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Steel Pickling (HCL Process) 63/CCC James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Shipbuilding and Repair 63/II Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Pharmaceutical Production 63/GGG Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Publicly Owned Treatment Works 63/VVV Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Printing and Publishing 63/KK Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Municipal Solid Waste Landfills 63/


Zelma Maldonado 215-814-3448
Offsite Waste Treatment 63/DD Zelma Maldonado 215-814-3448
Municipal Solid Waste Landfills 63/


Zelma Maldonado 215-814-3448
Consumer Products 59/C Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Architectural Coatings 59/D Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Primary Copper 63/QQQ Paul Arnold 215-814-2194
Primary Magnesium Refining 63/


Paul Arnold 215-814-2194
Natural Gas Transmission and Storage Facilities 63/HHH Chip Hosford 215-814-3158
Oil and Natural Gas Production 63/HH Chip Hosford 215-814-3158
Hazardous Organic NESHAP

(including tetrahydrobenzaldehyde manufacture)

63/F, G, H, I Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Polymers & Resins Group I, (Elastomers) 63/U Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Polymers & Resins Group II (Epoxy Resins and Non-Nylon Polyamides) 63/W Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Polymers & Resins Groups IV (Thermoplastics) 63/JJJ Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Polymers and Resins Group III (amino and Phenolic Resins) 63/OOO Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Polyether Polyols Production 63/PPP Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Beryllium 61/C Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Beryllium Rocket Motor Firing 61/D Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Mercury 61/E Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Vinyl Chloride 61/F Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Consolidated Federal Air Rule (CAR) 65/A, C, D, E, F, G Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Equipment Leaks (Benzene) 61/J Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Equipment Leaks 61/V Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Benzene Storage Operations 61/Y Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Benzene Transfer Operations 61/BB Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Benzene Waste Operations 61/FF Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Pulp and Paper Production(non-combustion) MACT I/III 63/S Kristen Hall215-814-2168
Pulp and Paper Production(non chemical) MACT II 63/MM Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Polyvinyl chloride and copolymers production 63/J Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
General Provisions 63/A Leslie Jones 215-814-3409
Radon Emissions from Underground Uranium Mines 61/B Marcos Aquino 215-814-3422
Radionuclides Emissions from other than Radon from DOE facilities 61/H Marcos Aquino 215-814-3422
Radionuclides Emission from Fed. Facilities other than NRC licensees and not covered by Subpart H 61/I Marcos Aquino 215-814-3422
Radionuclide Emissions from Elemental Phosphorous Plants 61/K Marcos Aquino 215-814-3422
Radon Emissions from DOE facilities 61/Q Marcos Aquino 215-814-3422
Radon Emissions from Phosphogypsum Stacks 61/R Marcos Aquino 215-814-3422
Radon Emissions from the disposal of uranium mill tailings 61/T Marcos Aquino 215-814-3422
Radon Emissions from Operating Mill Tailings 61/W Marcos Aquino 215-814-3422
Hazardous Waste Combustor MACT 63/EEE RCRA (Gary Gross) 215-814-3412
Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators 60/Ec Michael Gordon 215-814-2039
Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, NSPS &111(d) 60/


Michael Gordon 215-814-2039
Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, MACT 63/


Michael Gordon 215-814-2039
Municipal Waste Combustion (Large Units) 60/Ea, Eb Michael Gordon 215-814-2039
Municipal Waste Combustion (Small Units) 60/



Michael Gordon 215-814-2039
Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units 60/


Michael Gordon 215-814-2039
Asbestos 61/M Kyla Townsend-McIntyre 215-814-2045
Asphalt Processing and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing 63/


Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Auto & Light Duty Truck 63/IIII Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Coke Ovens: Pushing, Quenching & Battery Stacks 63/


James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Engine Test Cells/Stands 63/


Ray Chalmers 215-814-2061
Fabric Printing, Coating & Dyeing 63/


Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Hydrochloric Acid Production 63/


Paul Arnold 215-814-2194
Integrated Iron and Steel 63/


James Hagedorn 215-814-2161
Iron and Steel Foundries 63/


Richard Eaton 304-234-0265
Lime Manufacturing 63/


Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Mercury Cell Chlor-Alkali Plants 63/IIIII Paul Arnold 215-814-2194
Metal Can (surface coating) 63/


Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Metal Coil (surface coating) 63/SSSS Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Metal Furniture (surface coating) 63/


Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Misc. Coating Manufacturing 63/


Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Misc. Metal Parts and Products 63/


Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Misc. Organic Chemical Production and Processes (MON) 63/FFFF Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Organic Liquids Distribution 63/EEEE Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Paper and Other Web (surface coating) 63/JJJJ Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Plastic Parts (surface coating) 63/PPPP Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Plywood and Composite Wood Products 63/


Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) 63/ZZZZ Erin Willard 215-814-2152
Refractory Products Manufacturing 63/


Bruce Augustine 215-814-2131
Reinforced Plastics Composites Production 63/


Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Semiconductor Manufacturing 63/


Theresa Horgan 215-814-2126
Site Remediation 63/


Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Stationary Combustion Turbines 63/


Paul Arnold 215-814-2194
Taconite Iron Ore Processing 63/


Kristen Hall 215-814-2168
Wood Building Products (surface coating) 63/


James Hagedorn 215-814-2161

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