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Timely and Appropriate Enforcement Guidance

The Timely and Appropriate (T&A) Enforcement Response to High Priority Violations (HPVs) is designed to help prioritize federal, state and local agency enforcement efforts with respect to sources of air pollution in their jurisdictions.  The policy supersedes previous policy documents related to Significant Violators (SV), and Timely and Appropriate (T&A) policy.  

This revision eliminates use of the terms "Significant Violator" and "Significant Violation" and substitutes the term "High Priority Violation" (HPV) in describing violations.  This term better conveys the intent of the policy as a tool for prioritizing which violations receive the highest scrutiny and oversight.  This change is reflected in both the title of the revised policy and the list on which high priority violations are placed i.e., the High Priority Violation List (HPVL).

The policies set forth in this document are intended solely for government personnel to use to prioritize enforcement efforts.  They cannot be used to establish new standards or limits, are not binding on any party, and cannot be relied upon to create any rights enforceable by any party.  EPA reserves the right to change this policy at any time without public notice.

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