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Important Note Regarding Clean Air Act High Priority Violators (HPVs)

The listing of a facility as a "clean air act high priority violator" means that EPA or a responsible State or local agency has gathered, or otherwise received, information upon which the agency believes a finding of violation of one or more applicable requirement(s) of the Clean Air Act can be established.  It does not necessarily mean that the agency has yet made a formal finding of violation or that the facility has yet been found to have violated the applicable requirement(s) in an administrative or judicial proceeding.  The definition of a "clean air act high priority violator" to be used by EPA and responsible State and local agencies may be reviewed on our page entitled "High Priority Violator (HPV) Policy Questions & Answers."

If you have any questions concerning the Air Protection Division's Enforcement and Compliance program please contact:

Mr. Bernie Turlinski
Associate Director, Office of  Air Enforcement & Permit Review
U.S. EPA, Region 3
Air Protection Division
(215) 814-2052

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